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This is the realm beyond legend rank. In order to reach this realm, normally a legend rank expert would cultivate the Power of Heaven.[1] However, in the Divine Continent Domain the only way for a person to reach this realm is through cultivating a law to become a Spiritual God.[2]

Demon Beasts are also able to break into this realm by becoming spiritual gods. It was when a demon beast moved into the Heavenly Fate Realm that ultimately lead to the demon riot and the Age of Darkness.[2]

As a cultivator reaches this realm, they form something called a "Fate Soul" in their soul realm. If they died, they would only lose one of these Fate Soul instead of facing a true death.[1] Ming Fei recently lost three of these other "lives" when fighting against the Demon God Sect in the Draconic Ruins Realm.[3]

For an Earth Fate Realm to reach the Heavenly Fate Realm, one must harmonize with Heavenly Energy by sensing the Heavenly Dao(way).[4]

Alternate Life

In the previous life Nie Li was able to cultivate beyond legend rank despite being in the Divine Continent realm and not becoming a spiritual god. He accomplished this by using his own method through the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.[2]