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Tales of Demons and Gods Wikia

These are the members of the small tribe of survivors living on the Heavenly Fate Plateau. They later, at Nie Li invitation, move to Glory City.[1]

Tribe members:

Name Position Notes
Yun Ling Waitress for the Congee Shop and daughter of Old Man Yun.
Old Man Yun Owner and cook of the Congee Shop Has long blond hair.
Xiao Kuang Second son of the tribe chief
Xiao Wu Tribe chief, Xiao Kuang's father
5 Elders[2] Members of the Elders Association Govern the plateau along with the Tribe Chief.
Xiao Yang Son of a tribe elder Given a map to Glory City by Nie Li
5 Young Male Hunters[2] Followers of Xiao Yang. These are Xiao Yang's companions at the Congee Shop
Xiao Lang (deceased) Third strongest on the plateau 5 Star Gold Fighter
7 Thugs (1 deceased)[3] Followers of Xiao Lang Two Gold rank and five Silver rank fighters
Wang Family[3] Has a beautiful female member that could be worth five bags of rice on the plateau.