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Heavenly Fate Plateau
Location Information
Domain Divine Continent
Realm Main World
Region St. Ancestral Mountain Range

This is an isolated plateau in the St. Ancestral Mountain Range where a few thousand people have been able to survive. Nie Li states that the plateau has a circumference of about 100 miles (161 km).[1] That would make it approximately 32 miles (52.2 km) across. (Note: This would make the plateau about the size of Mt. Fuji in diameter (the base of the mountain). However this is a plateau, so it has a much steeper rise with a large flat top. example)

After Nie Li's visit, the tribe moved into Glory City's City Lord’s Mansion.[2]


Because of the geography there is only one way up the mountain to the plateau, making it fairly safe from demon beasts, however food and resources are hard to come by. Underneath it is also the mysterious and dangerous Black Spring.[3] Nie Li visits in order to acquire some of the many Purple Caltrop Rock that can be found around the plateau.[4]

It took Nie Li ten days to reach the Heavenly Fate Plateau from Glory City, but that was a direct route, at a fast speed, through the dangerous Infinite Forest. A safer route at a reasonable pace would take about two months.[5]


Manhua Chapter 152 p.2, also named Tianyun Highland Plateau


The tribe is ruled by a chief and an elders association with five members.[4] The strongest member of the tribe is a 1 Star Black Gold Rank fighter. The cultivation is fairly low due to the lack of materials and information. Those that are strong enough hunt demon beasts for food. It is a highly dangerous job, but the meat is very rare and sought after. They use a copper coin as money.[3]

Alternate Life

This is the first group of people that Nie Li and the survives of Glory City came across. They only stayed for a short time before they had to move on.They were most likely forced to leave because with the lack of food on the Plateau they could not support so many refugees (this is not stated out ight but implied).[3]