Also called the "Divine Fortune Technique."[1]

This is a secret technique passed down to Ying Yueru from her master, Venerable Witchfeather, who received it from Ancestral Master Phaseless.[2] This technique allows a person to see through all illusions and calculate destiny.[3] For that reason they are often used to determine the next sect master in the Divine Feathers Sect.[2] However, this comes at a heavy cost and will lead to a shortened life.[2] Ying Yueru used this technique and exhausted fifty years of her life in order to calculate Nie Li's destiny. Because of that, she was able to see the truth of his rebirth.[4]

Besides divination, the Heaven’s Divination Technique was also capable of manipulating space-time. A high level cultivator can lay down the powerful Void Spiritual Array. Xiao Yu's father was able to use a secret technique which may or may not be connected to the Heaven’s Divination Technique that allowed him to send Xiao Yu into the future.[5]

The technique constantly evolves within their body. Before it reaches the pinnacle, they’d have to die; otherwise, it’d bring annihilation to their Sect. That’s because when the technique reaches the pinnacle, the Sage Emperor would be able to divinate their existence. Once someone emerges to go against his absolute authority, he’ll ensure them a miserable death. In the hundreds of thousands of years, there have been countless numbers of people who’ve divinated fate and fought against time and space just to confront him.[6]

Known practitioners:

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