Gu Yan

Manhua Chapter 76

Chinese 古炎
Character Information
Age 60 [1]
Gender Male [1]
Hair White [1]
Profession Alchemy Association Senior Master,
Council Elder,
Soul Properties
Friends Yang Xin
Ye Zong
Enemies Hu Shuo
Light Novel Chapter 44 – Passed…
Manhua Chapter 74 - Four Hours Later...

One of the six elders that sit on the council at the Alchemy Association and also the current president. He is the Senior rank Alchemy Master that Mu Yang and Huyan Ming rushed to in order to allow Nie Li to pass the master exam after only completing the first round.[2]

When Nie Li meets with both him and director Yang Xin, he reveals enough of his skill to earn Gu Yan's respect and cooperation. Nie Li tells him that he has a very powerful master that wishes to go into business with them. He gifts them five of the previous lost elixirs in exchange for 30% of the profits. Gu Yan immediately agrees and starts production of the elixirs.[3] At some point after this Gu Yan tells the City Lord, Ye Zong, about Nie Li and his "master."[4]

After Ye Zong's fight with Nie Li he asks Gu Yan about the Soul Reversal Technique. Though neither of them have heard of it, he could guess that it is a suicidal attack meant to take down an opponent when given no other choice. Ye Zong asks Gu Yan to get this technique from Nie Li. He sees this powerful technique as something that could be used against the Dark Guild if they are ever so desperate. He tells Gu Yan that the Dark Guild is trying to push the demon beasts into attacking Glory City. The implication is that this is what probably caused Glory City's destruction in Nie Li's past life, though Nie Li is unaware of this possible connection between the Dark Guild and the attack.[4]

Gu Yan visits Ye Zong with the information acquired from torturing Shen Ming regarding the involvement of the Sacred Family with the Dark Guild. However since the testimony of one person is not substantial enough, Ye Zong asks the situation to be monitored and puts Ye Xiu in charge to carry out the necessary work.

Alternate Life

Died protecting Glory City from demon beasts with the City Lord, Ye Zong.[5]

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