One of the three most powerful families in the Divine Feathers Sect of the Draconic Ruins Realm.[1] It is a large clan with dozens of elders.[2]

There were many factions within the Gu Clan and among the younger generations, there were many who’d supported Gu Lan. Back before Gu Lan was crippled, her prestige in the Gu Clan was extremely high and had far surpassed Gu Heng’s.[3]

Over the years, the Gu Clan had been constantly hunting demon beasts in the Outside World and had only obtained two Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate Demon Spirits. One of them had been given to Gu Lan, and the other one was given to Gu Heng. However, Gu Heng’s talent had always been inferior to Gu Lan’s.[4]

Known Members:

Name Position Notes
Gu Bei Direct Descendant, successor candidate One of the students in Nie Li's 1st year Genius Class. Hid his true strength and was made the first in-line successor to be the next clan patriarch after revealing it.
Gu Lan Direct Descendant, Gu Bei's older sister Paralyzed from some unknown cause
Gu Heng Direct Descendant, successor candidate, Gu Bei and Gu Lan's cousin Was considered first in-line to be the next clan patriarch, but was lowered to second after Gu Bei revealed his strength
Gu Ya First Clan Elder Supports Gu Lan or Gu Bei as next clan patriarch
Gu Kuan Follows Gu Heng
Gu Yun Follows Gu Heng
Gu Bing

Follows Gu Heng

Gu Teng Follows Gu Bei
Gu Tianlong Current Clan Patriarch
Gu Yu Third Clan Elder Supports Gu Heng as next clan patriarch
Gu Bai Eighth Clan Elder Supported Gu Heng as next clan patriarch in the past
Gu Feng Ninth Clan Elder Supported Gu Heng as next clan patriarch in the past

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