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Glory City
Location Information
Domain Divine Continent
Realm Main World
Region St. Ancestral Mountain Range

The city sits in a valley surrounded by the St. Ancestral Mountain Range, because of demon beasts and the physical barrier of the mountains the people living here have not had contact with the outside world for hundreds of years. This isolation has not only kept the people from knowing what the situation in the world is, but has also protected the city from attack during the Age of Darkness. The old walls that protect it have withstood the attacks from demon beasts countless times.[1] It was founded about a thousand years ago when five legend rank demon spiritualists lead a hundred thousand survivors into the mountains.[2]

Glory City is actually an ancient city that predates the Age of Darkness, which is why there are so many relics and ruins to explore. The current city was rebuilt countless times throughout history.[3] The current population is in the millions with hundreds of thousands of experts.[4]

The people have survived by hunting the nearby demon beasts for food, crystals, spirits, and other items which are then used and traded within the city. There is no outside trade as they are isolated. The currency of Glory City is in demon spirit coins.[5]

Glory City actually covers a fairly large area and is made up of two major cities and six towns. Despite its name, it would be closer to call it a small kingdom. The Heavenly Marks Family's castle and land sits close to the northern boarder.[6] It seems that the primary city area, which includes the City Lords Mansion, is fairly close to the southern wall.[7]

When the map of Glory City is reveled at the Heavenly Fate Plateau the observes state that the city is thousands of miles in circumference (Note: This would make Glory City much bigger then previously suggested. It is likely that the author meant "area" instead of "circumference.").[8]

It is later revealed that the Lord of Nether has been watching over Glory City and protecting it for an unknown "friend."[9]

Five Legend Rank Founders:

  1. Sheng Mu (wielded the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword)
  2. Ye Yan (founded the Snow Wind Family)
  3.  ?
  4.  ?
  5.  ?

Main city area:


Northern Glory City:

Note Box: A Guess at Glory City's Size

  • From the Holy Orchid Institute to Nie Li’s house, even with carriage, he would not arrive until two days later.[10]
  • The distance from the Heavenly Marks Family's land to the defensive wall alone the northern boarder is quite close.[10]
  • The Holy Orchid Institute sits in one of the two major city areas and is near the City Lord's Mansion.
  • The City Lord's mansion appears to be fairly close to the southern wall of Glory City.[7]


  • The school is located somewhere close to the center (and thus safest part) of Glory City's land. (disproved in Chapter 164)
  • The land fans out in something resembling a circular shape.
  • The carriage is pulled by either horses or something equivalent in their world.
  • The horse would have to rest and could only travel about 8 hours a day.
  • Though the area is mountainous, the city is well established and they have adapted to it so the road system is well made and maintained.
  • The average walking speed, according to the internet, for a horse and carriage on a nice road is about 5 mph (8 kmh).

Previous calculation (This has since been been proven wrong):

Traveling 8 hours at 5 mph would mean about 40 mi (64.4 km) a day, so about 80 mi (128.8 km) for Nie Li's trip. Using the formula for area of a circle (A = πr2) we get about 20,100 mi2 (52,100 km2). That would place it at about the size of West Virgina in the USA. This is actually strangely appropriate as that is a state known for being a very mountainous and isolated place.

Revised calculation:

Traveling 8 hours at 5 mph would mean about 40 mi (64.4 km) a day, so about 80 mi (128.8 km) for Nie Li's trip. However this distance is no longer the radius of our circle, it is now the diameter. Using the formula for area of a circle (A = ¼πd2) we get about 5,030 mi2 (13,027.64 km2). This is one forth the size of the original estimation. That would place it at about the size of Connecticut in the USA.

Alternate Life

Glory City was attacked and destroyed by a horde of hundreds of millions of snow wind demon beasts leaving only a few thousand survives left to flee.[11] The three normally hibernating legend rank snow wind demon beasts most likely were part of the horde.[12]

The Dark Guild and the Sacred Family colluded to incite the demon beast attack in order to destroy Glory City and then escape into the Abyss Prison Realm.[13]

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