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A fighter is a type of warrior. It is usually considered weaker than a demon spiritualist. They are separated into the same ranks as other cultivators. The rank of a fighter is determined by their strength.[1]

All incoming students at Holy Orchid Institute begin as a fighter apprentice, which is below bronze rank.[1] In order to rise up to 1 star bronze fighter they must to be able to lift up hundred pound rock and break a tree the thickness of an arm with a punch.[2]

True martial arts can not be learned until a fighter reaches at least silver rank.[3]


Name Description
Fighter Apprentice Strength is below 100-pound rock.
Bronze Fighter 100-pound rock[2]
Silver Fighter
Gold Fighter
Black Gold Fighter
Legend Fighter


High Ranking Fighters other than the protagonists:

Name Rank Position Family
Sikong Yi (deceased) Legend Patriarch Silver Winged
Li Xiao Legend Patriarch Divine Flames
Mo Ya Legend Patriarch Ash Wolves
Sikong Hongyue 5 Star Gold Direct descendant of the Patriarch Silver Winged
Sikong Jue (deceased) 5 Star Gold Silver Winged
Xiao Lang (deceased) 5 Star Gold Heavenly Fate Plateau Tribe