Release Date Chinese Translation Episode Length
June 6, 2017 早点 Breakfast 7 Minutes 0 Second


The story begins with Xiao Ning'er talking to Nie Li about the breakfast she made, although she made many since she don't know his tastes. Lu Piao next realizes that something is wrong, and is shocked that one of the goddess in his class, made breakfast for Nie Li. The entire class goes to a momentary moment of shock, with some classmates hitting each other to ensure they are not in a dream. The scene turns back to Ning'er, asking Nie Li if she can sit down with him. While Nie Li and his gang is enjoying the food that Ning'er made, she is laughing at their reactions at the same time. After finishing the breakfast, Ning'er takes back the box and returns to her seat. Shen Xiu enters the classroom, and when Nie Li, Du Ze and Lu Piao are preparing to go stand at the back of the classroom, Shen Xiu orders Nie Li and his gang to return back to their seat. The reason is later explained when the three senior officials of the Holy Orchid Institute, namely Lu Ye, Ye Shuo and Ye Sheng enters the classroom and start to observe her class. She then starts teaching Inscription Patterns and started showing off her clan's Scarlet Sunburst Inscription Pattern. Since the content of what Shen Xiu is currently teaching is too low, plus the fact that he has hardly slept for the past week, Nie Li started to sleep in class. The three elders noticed Nie Li's actions and while shaking their heads, although they didn't say anything. After a few seconds, Shen Xiu discovered that Nie Li is sleeping in class. Shen Xiu angrily asks Nie Li if he has understood everything she has taught so far. Nie Li replies yes, which prompts Shen Xiu to bring out her family's inscription pattern and asks him what are its uses. Nie Li says that the flame pattern is too weak, and the most it could be is bronze rank, just good for boiling water. The episode ends with the class laughing at Nie Li's explanation.


  • Xiao Ning'er falls in love with Nie Li and prepares breakfast for him.
  • Shen Xiu, for the first time orders Nie Li and his gang to return back to their seat in her class.
  • The three elders of the institute starts to observe Shen Xiu's class.
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