Enchanting Patterns

Manhua Chapter 12

Scarlet Sunburst Pattern
Manhua Chapter 12

Lightning Flame Burst Pattern
Donghua Episode 10

Scarlet Sunburst Pattern
Donghua Episode 10

Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Device Inscriptions."[1]

These are a type of inscription pattern that are inscribed on armors and weapons in order to greatly enhance their combat abilities. Fighters and especially demon spiritualists, can make use of weapons and armors with Enchanting Patterns to release far more power than their base strength.[2] These patterns appear to have a lasting effect that can be used multiple times.

The patterns are organized by attribute type:

Snow Wind Patterns

One of the most common types of inscription patterns that have survived through the Age of Darkness. These are patterns of the snow wind attribute.

Name Rank Notes
Snow Wind Enchanting Pattern[3] Bronze Written in the blood of the Snow Wind Banshee

Sacred Flaming Patterns

These are patterns of the sacred flaming attribute. These are also one of the best preserved types of patterns in Glory City. Even still the knowledge is incomplete. In Shen Xiu's class on inscription patterns she states that there are only 66 sacred flaming foundation patterns, but the true number is 600.[4]

Name Rank Notes
Scarlet Sunburst Bronze This is a cut down version of Lightning Flame Burst claimed by Sacred Family's first generation house master.

Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Red Blaze Scorching Explosion Inscription."[5]

Lightening Fire Patterns

These are patterns of the lightning Fire attribute. These types of Inscription Patterns have largely been lost. That is why it was not realized that the Scarlet Sunburst was actually a cut down version of the Lightning Flame Burst. The Book of Divine Lightning Fire is a mostly untranslated source of these patterns.[6]

Name Rank Notes
Lightning Flame Burst Silver The full version of Scarlet Sunburst Pattern

Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Lightning Fire Volcanic Explosion Inscription."[7]

Unknown Types

These are battle patterns who are not fully explained.

Pattern Rank Notes
Blood Imprint An imprint that is put on slaves. It causes them a great deal of pain and if they get too far from the Inscriptionist they will die.[8]
Soul Puppet After sealing an expert's soul seal inside inscription patterns are used to control it.
Sparkling Flying Knife Set Legend Each of the three knives has a different complex inscription pattern carved on it. Each of these patterns has a different attribute.
Shadow Misleading A very rare and powerful inscription pattern. When activated, this pattern will completely conceal anything it is placed on.[9]

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