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Emperor Kong Ming

Manhua Chapter 60

Manhua Chapter 151 p.2

Manhua Chapter 151 p.2

Chinese 空冥大帝
Character Information
Age Elder [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Sacred Empire Emperor [1]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank Emperor [2]
Home Divine Continent [1]

A mysterious emperor of the Sacred Empire. He used his title as his form of address, which was a very strange thing. He also left the Sacred Empire in the middle of his rule and passed his throne to his son. It’s said that he had already cultivated to the extent of becoming immortalized.[1]

His hidden tomb was discovered by Nie Li and Ye Ziyun in the underground palace beneath a ruined statue in the Ancient Orchid City Ruins. Nie Li was able to determine which direction the tomb was due to the Sacred Empire's belief in Numerology. According to which, Kong Ming's tomb must be built facing the south.[3]

The Dark Guild used an artifact left by him to summon the Abyss Demon that attacked the City Lord's Mansion.[4]

Within the Ten Millennium Spatial Array Nie Li discovered a monument placed by Kong Ming when he broke through legend rank. It said:

“Those who follows me, shall be honored. Those who oppose me, shall perish. In the lifetime, gifted with extraordinary talent. Started to comprehend at the age of ten, splitting mountains and scattering stones. Comprehended the gentle realm at the age of thirteen, drying a river at the wave of a hand. At the age of sixteen, comprehended the profound of the demon spirits, and broke through the Legend rank realm. At the age of thirty, no one under the sky can withstand three of my strikes, battling all supreme experts around the world and have never tasted defeat. Comprehended the realm of man at the age of forty, opened the wisdom, knowing the past and present. At the age of fifty, sensed a calamity arriving, abandoned the throne and left. Leaving behind ten words, to pass down to the next generation……”[5]

This monument recorded who he was and left behind a ten word chant with profound insight towards the martial path. At a later time the monument was vandalized, with the profound chant being scraped off by the one that calls himself the Demon Lord. However Nie Li was still able to learn the chant, as well as see who had vandalized the monument, by "reading" the memories that the monument held.[5] The profound chant was:

“Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no end.”[5]

Also in those memories, Emperor Kong Ming declared that he used the Great Change Heavenly Calculation Technique to see that there will be only five great cultivators that will gain insight from his chant. Those five will kill each other and in doing so devour the others understanding. The last one remaining will meet with Emperor Kong Ming himself.[5]

Kong Ming's Monument
Manhua Chapter 151 p.1

When Nie Li met the remnant intent of Emperor Tian Yuan in the Draconic Ruins Realm, he asked if he had every heard of Emperor Kong Ming and discovered that he had left the tiny World a few hundred years ago. His cultivation had quickly advanced and caught the attention of the Sage Emperor. Emperor Kong Ming engaged in battle with the Deity rank servants of the Sage Emperor for several days, but ultimately disappeared and has not been seen since.[2]