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Dreamcloud World
Location Information
Domain Divine Continent

A very large subsidiary realm that is extremely prosperous and fertile with flowers blooming all year. It is only slightly smaller than the main world and is one of the last hold outs of the human tribe. It is protected from the demon beast's spiritual gods by defensive measures centered around the Amethyst Bamboo. This was inherited by the Primal Family, who is in charge of protecting it.[1]

Yu Yan tells Nie Li that she can open a teleportation array to this realm if they can gather enough dreamcloud rocks. Unfortunately, these rocks are very hard to find. If he was able to, Nie Li would move Glory City into the Dreamcloud World to be safe from the demon beasts.[1]

Known Families:

Name Notes
Primal Family also known as the Huanyuan Family. They have countless experts at the Demigod Rank.