One of the three most powerful and largest families in the Divine Feathers Sect of the Draconic Ruins Realm.[1] Because of his experience with the family in his last life, Nie Li does not care for them.[2] Many other students of the Divine Feathers Sect feel similarly and hold grievances against the Dragonseal Family for being overbearing and pushing others around.[3]

Since Long Yuyin has the Blood Dragon’s Lineage, it is likely that this runs in their family.[2]

Nie Li is able to recognize Long Shuyun's technique, similar to his "void form," as something from the Dragonseal Family.[4]

Known Members:

Name Position Notes
Long Yuyin Seventh in line for successor One of the students in Nie Li's 1st year Genius Class
Long Tianming Next successor of the Family
Long You Celestial Dragon Guards leader
Long Shuyun Long Yuyin's mother
? (deceased) Long Yuyin's father, held a high position in the family
Aunt Xie One of Long Shuyun's people, Long Yuyin considers her family
Aunt Lin One of Long Shuyun's people, Long Yuyin considers her family
Long Liu Subordinate of Long Tianming

Alternative Life

Since Long Yuyin, a member of the Dragonseal family, was responsible for the death of Ying Yueru in his previous life Nie Li had a poor opinion of the family.[2]

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