Dragon’s Soul Stone

Manhua Chapter 164 p.2

A Dragon’s Soul Stone can have energy sealed within it.[1] It is usually embedded into weapons, causing the combat ability of the weapon to become much greater. In Glory City these are extremely rare, but in the dark space within the Ten Millennium Spatial Array, they are very common and can be found everywhere.[2]

They are so common in fact, that they use them as a consumable single use arrowhead. These arrowheads have a high lethality against demon beasts, but once they are shot into their body they melt.[2]

After traveling to the trading town, Nie Li asks Duan Jian to trade their food for one thousand Dragon Soul Stones. He then gives some of them to Duan Juan as they will naturally enhance the cultivation of his dragon nature.[3]

When the Wugui Family moved to attack Glory City, Nie Li used all of his remaining Dragon Soul Stones to form Draconic Bombs.[1]

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