Divine Feathers Sect
Location Information
Domain Draconic Ruins Realm
Realm Main World

One of the six powerful and prestigious sects in the Draconic Ruins Realm.[1] The Divine Feathers Sect controls a massive territory including hundreds of cities with a total population of over several hundred million.[2] At the time Nie Li joined the sect, the only Martial Ancestor Realm experts were the Big Five.[3]

There are many factions and families vying for power in the sect. They compete in recruiting promising new students to raise their standing.[4] Many of the new recruited members are from the smaller realms, such as the Little Heaven Realm and the Tiny World.[5] This is common, because without the backing of such a faction they will have trouble acquiring much needed cultivation resources such as Spiritual Stones and Demon Spirits. However, joining a faction means becoming a lapdog of that family and losing much of ones freedom.[6]

Currently there are about one thousand members that come from the Little Heaven Realm, but only a handful that come from the Tiny World.[5]

History and Position:

No one knows exactly how long the Divine Feathers Sect has been around.[2] However, one thousand years ago the Divine Feathers Sect was lead by an extraordinary ancestor to become the most powerful of all the sects. Their strength even allowed them to survive the Great Destruction that followed. Despite this, the sect has been in decline for the last few hundred years.[7] By one hundred years ago they had fallen to be the third ranked sect, and they are now currently in the weakest position of sixth.[8]

Because of their history, they are head of an alliance between several powerful sects to keep the Demon God Sect in check. However, in the most recent confrontations with the Demon God Sect, the Divine Feathers Sect has suffered heavy losses and was greatly weakened.[9] They also lost several of their powerful experts that had god level growth dragon bloodline Demon Spirits. Such demon spirits are incredible rare and difficult to come by. This is another reason why the sect as recently been in decline.[6]

For many years the small Lingyun Sect has been a subsidiary of the Divine Feathers Sect, as they did not have the power to stand on their own. In recent years, the Divine Feathers Sect’s weak influence has lead to the land of the Lingyun Sect being constantly invaded and occupied by the Demon God Sect.[10]

Nie Li as Sect Master

After Nie Li became the Divine Feathers Sect Master there were many rapid changes. He generously handed out Divine Elixirs and high level growth rate dragon bloodline Demon Spirits, leading to a substantial growth in the overall strength of the sect. However, during this time the sect was closed off, keeping their rise in power a secret from the rest of the Draconic Ruins Realm.[11] Within six months, eight pinnacle Dao of Dragon realm experts where able to break through to the Martial Ancestor Realm and the number of Dao of Dragon experts had reached tens of thousands.[3]


The sect is divided into three areas, the Outer, Inner, and Heaven divisions.

Known Members:

Sect Leaders:

Family / Faction Name Position Notes
Nie Li Sect Master Leader & Founder of the Demon League
Big Five Hierarch Martialsky Previous Sect Master Father of Situ Beiyan[13]
Hierarch Skycloud Elder Council
Hierarch Linglong Elder Council Grandmother of Long Yuyin and Long Tianming
Hierarch Crimsonblood Elder Council
Hierarch Dragonblaze Elder Council
Elders Ming Fei Enforcer of the Outer Division Currently in the Tiny World
Enforcer Hua[14] Enforcer of the Outer Division Father of Hua Ling, competing with Ming Fei for the position of Chief Enforcer
Venerable Flameless student of Hierarch Skycloud
Venerable Witchfeather Ying Yueru and Long Yuyin's master. deceased
Venerable Redsoul Skysoul Institute West District First Year class teacher student of Hierarch Skycloud
Nanmen Tianhai Skysoul Institute Elder
Huang Yu Skysoul Institute Elder
Enforcer Gu Enforcer of Foreign Affairs

Other Members:

Family / Faction Name Position Notes
Ashen Flames Li Xingyun East District student, Clan successor candidate genius of two years ago
Li Yufeng Clan successor candidate
Li Hu Captian of the Heavenly Path League
Li Liushui Clan successor candidate Drops out of competition for clan successor
Jin Yan Thought to be one of the five to go to the East District, but is replaced by Xue Yu.
Dragonseal Long Tianming Clan successor candidate
Long Yuyin East District student, Clan successor candidate One of the five to go to the East District
Long You follower of Long Tianming
Long Liu follower of Long Tianming
Long Shuyun
Aunt Xie Servants of Long Shuyun
Aunt Lin Servants of Long Shuyun
Gu Gu Lan
Gu Bei East District student, Clan successor candidate One of the five to go to the East District
Gu Heng Clan successor candidate
Gu Tianlong Clan Patriarch
Gu Yu Third Clan Elder Supports Gu Heng as next clan patriarch
Gu Ya First Clan Elder Supports Gu Lan or Gu Bei as next clan patriarch
Gu Bing follower of Gu Heng
Gu Kuan follower of Gu Heng
Gu Yun follower of Gu Heng
Gu Teng follower of Gu Bei
Gu Bai Eighth Clan Elder Supported Gu Heng as next clan patriarch in the past
Gu Feng Ninth Clan Elder Supported Gu Heng as next clan patriarch in the past
Situ Situ Beiyan Sect Successor candidate, son of Hierarch Martialsky[13]
Hu Hu Tian follower of Hu Yong
Hu Yong
Yan Yan Hao Likes Huang Ying, dislikes Xiao Yu
Yin Yin Wufeng Clan successor candidate
Demon League Heng Yan former leader of the Ancient Jade League
Lu Piao East District student, League Captain
Xiao Yu East District student
He Yuan Leaves the Demon League and joins Gu Heng
Blood Moon League He Gui League Captain follower of Gu Heng, turns spy when blackmailed by Gu Bei
Chai Yue League Captain follower of Gu Heng
Little Heaven Realm Hua Ling
Wang Yang West District student One of six conspiring against Nie Li and Lu Piao in the first year class
Celestial Treasure Pavilion Cai Die Sales girl
Wu Die Sales girl
Unknown Family or Faction Han Jing West District student Leader of the six conspiring against Nie Li and Lu Piao in the first year class
He Yinyin West District student Female student that is slightly interested in Nie Li and dislikes Long Yuyin.
Xue Yu East District student Unexpectedly becomes the 5th chosen student to go to the East District from the first year class
Teng Ze acquaintance of Li Xingyun
Ye Chong East District student works for Venerable Flameless
Guo Huai East District student works for Venerable Flameless
Murong Yu East District student genius of last year
Ying Yueru Nie Li's master
Huang Ying Likes Xiao Yu, Father is an elder
Guan Yi From the Tiny World, Joined the South District

Alternative Life

In his previous life Nie Li was able to break through the limitations placed on the Divine Continent Domain and visited many other worlds including the Draconic Ruins Realm and the Divine Feathers Sect. He also had some dealings with the Master of this sect as well.[1]

By this time it was a hundred years after the destruction of Glory City. Unfortunately, due to internal conflicts, the Divine Feathers Sect at this time ended up splitting into several factions. Some of the factions would be swallowed by other sects while the others simply declined into nonexistence.[15]

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