These are the extremely potent and powerful Soul Enhancing elixirs that Nie Li made using the Divine Phaseless Fruits given to him by Emperor Tian Yuan. Nie Li used a Frost Steel Divine Needle to scrape a tiny sliver of the fruit, which is then diluted in Rootless Water ten thousand times, is used in the elixir. Furthermore, the main purpose of the other herbs is to weaken the fruits power even more. Because of it terrifying strength, it take at least three days for a single one to be completely absorbed.[1]

The elixir can cause someone to rise several levels or even break through to a new realm. As the medical effects rush into the Soul Realm they can cause it feel like its going to burst, but at the same time also nourish and replenish it.[2]

During Nie Li's visit to the Heavenly Note Sect, he exchanged the fragment of the Myriad Ancestor Sword of Nangong Xianyin for 5 Sacred Elixirs hundredfold more effective than those they had already receive from Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er.[3]

These elixirs are called by several different names, depending on their strength.[4]

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