Also called "The Tiny World."[1]

The Divine continent is technically one of six main continents that make up the Tiny World. However, this name is often used when referring to the world as a whole.[2] It is part of one of the smallest Domains in existence and was created by a Supreme expert that structured it around the Power of Law.[1] Because of this protective "cage" over it, experts from outside of the Tiny World cannot enter it. Only those that are originally from it, and have reached a high enough cultivation, are able to travel between it and the Draconic Ruins Realm.[3] However, the portal between them only opens once every five years.[4]

Because of the powerful seal on this world, that even the Sage Emperor can not break, it became a place to hide important Artifacts, knowledge, and people from him.[5] It is only with the powerful Godslayer Artifact, the Myriad Ancestor Sword, that the seal can be broken.[6]

Besides the main world, there are 72 Subsidiary Realms that are linked to it.[7] Glory City is located on the Divine continent and is where Nie Li is from.[8]

Important Locations:

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