Desert Palace
Location Information
Domain Divine Continent
Realm Main World
Region Endless Desert

The Desert Palace is a mysterious building deep into the Endless Desert to the east of Glory City and the St. Ancestral Mountain Range.[1]

Nie Li had intended to travel to the palace and retrieve the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, but even when he was strong enough it was hard to take the time away from Glory City to find it.[2]

After competing in the Lord of Nether's Disciple Selection he and his friends are all chosen to become disciples for one of the many sects in the Draconic Ruins Realm and will not be able to return for five years. Not wanting to leave without the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, Nie Li takes everyone with him and heads deep into the Endless Desert to look for it.[3]

After searching for several days, Nie Li falls into a trance-like state and is able to locate the ruins of the palace. All that remain are the many ancient and badly damaged sculptures scattered around in the sands. These sculptures looked as if they were thousands of years old. Their original features were already indistinguishable. While standing where the alter should have been Nie Li's head began to hurt and he collapsed into a coma.[4]

Manhua Chapter 64

Alternate Life

In the last life Nie Li came across the desert palace and discovered the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.[5]

After all of the other survives had died while traveling through the Endless Desert, he entered an unconscious state and hopelessly moved forward.

When Nie Li saw the palace he thought he had actually reached heaven and was in front of the legendary palace of the gods. As he moved closer to it, his entire body was enveloped in a golden luster. He then pushed the giant golden doors open and the dazzling glow nearly blinded him, making him unable to open his eyes. Inside there were vast sculptures lining the path. Each sculpture was different from the others; there was a golden armored giant, a poverty looking girl, and all other sorts of fantastical creatures. He continued down the path and reached a strange altar, placed with all kinds of scrolls written with powerfully dense words. At the very center of this altar was the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

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