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Demon Spiritualist

Shen Xiu merged with her Scarlet Flaming Fox
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Shen Xiu merged with her Scarlet Flaming Fox
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Note: Also called a "demon spiritist", according to some translations.


A demon spiritualist is a class of warrior. They are usually considered stronger than a normal fighter. They can form a soul realm within their dantian, allowing them to strengthen themselves by using a cultivation technique. Within Glory city the number of demon spiritualists is in the thousands, while fighters are in the tens of thousands.[1]

Demon spiritualists are seen as having a noble and prestigious position; obtaining this rank will raise the person's family rank, wealth and social standing. Most of them also take on positions of leadership in the city. Because of this, most demon spiritualists strictly adhere to a code of conduct. If a demon spiritualist misuses their abilities or prestige it would bring shame and consequences on to their family.[2]


As with all types of cultivators, Demon spiritualists are separated into ranks. The first five are the most common on the Divine Continent with each of those ranks subdivided into five levels. The ranks are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold, and Legend. The rank of a demon spiritualist is determined by the amount of their soul force. They can also use elixirs to improve their cultivation rate.[3]

Beyond legend rank is the Heavenly Fate Realm. Previously Nie Li did not believe that humans of this world could reach the Heavenly Fate Realm, only demon beasts. However, he later learned that one could break into this realm by cultivating a law and becoming a Spiritual God.[4] In this way they merge with a law from the heavens and earth. Even if their physical body is destroyed and their Divine Spark scattered. As long as the heavens and earth still exist they would be immortal.[5]

Rank Soul Force*
Bronze 100 - 500
Silver 1.000 - 5.000
Gold 10.000 - 50.000
Black Gold 100.000 - 500.000
Legend 1.000.000 - 5.000.000

*All soul force estimates Gold Rank and above are speculation based on the fact that 100 soul force -> 1-Star Bronze,[3] 367 soul force -> 3-Star Bronze,[6] and 2000 soul force -> 2-Star Silver.[7]

Integrating a Demon Spirit

Starting at silver rank demon spiritualists can begin to learn true martial arts and integrate a captured demon into their soul realm.[8] In combat they are able to merge with their demon to surpass normal human limits.[9] This integration is limited by how strong the demon spiritualist's physical body is. If the physical body is too weak, it can easily explode from the overflowing demon spirit power.[10] During the process of integrating, the new demon spirit will try to resist and run away, so the demon spiritualist will have to subdue it with the pressure of their soul force. It usually takes a few months for a demon spiritualist to get used to their first demon spirit.[11]

Most demon spiritualists can only possess one demon at a time, and they are limited in regards to the rank of the demon. However, they can replace the demon with a stronger one as they progress in their training.[9] When used in combat and demon spiritualist can both merge with the demon spirit or send it out without merging. In this way the demon spiritualist can use it to scout since they can both see and hear what it does. Unfortunately, they can be easily sensed by other demon spiritualists.[12]

Demon spirits can be fed with the demon spiritualist's own soul force in order to make them grow, but that soul force is lost. This means that the demon spiritualist has to re-cultivate in order to recover the lost soul force. Because of this most choose to replace the demon spirit instead. In most cases the demon spirit can only be raised to the same level as the demon spiritualist and not beyond them.[7] They can further evolve these demon spirits through Mutations.[13]


High Ranking Demon Spiritualists besides the protagonists:

Name Rank Position Family Notes
Hierarch Skycloud 9 Martial Ancestor Realm Elder of Divine Feathers Sect
Venerable Witchfeather Heavenly Axis Realm
Yan Yang Skyblaze Sect next Sect Head
Mingyue Wushuang Heavenly Note Sect disciple
Long Tianming 9 Heavenly Axis Next Clan Head Dragonseal Family
Li Xingyun 9 Heavenly Fate Ashen Flames Family
Ming Fei Heavenly Fate Realm Nether Spiritual God
Demon Lord 3 - 4 Dao of Dragon at least
(likely a powerful Martial Ancestor)
Master Dark Guild
Ye Mo 5 Star Legend Guardian Snow Wind 1st in Glory City and the Snow Wind Family
Ye Zong 2 Star Legend City Lord Snow Wind 2nd in Glory City and the Snow Wind Family
Luo Ming Legend Jade Seal Family
Shen Hong
5 Star Black Gold Patriarch Sacred 3rd in Glory City and 1st in the Sacred Family
Ye Xiu Black Gold Snow Wind 3rd in the Snow Wind Family
Ye Shuo Black Gold Head Intelligence Agent Snow Wind 4th in the Snow Wind Family
Gong Liangshu 3 Star Black Gold
Holy Orchid Institute Principal Black Gold Principal
Founding Sacred Family Patriarch Gold Former Patriarch Sacred
Xiao Yunfeng Gold Patriarch Winged Dragon
Yang Xin Gold Alchemy Association Director
Nie Hai 1 Star Gold Patriarch Heavenly Marks