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Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Soul Spirit Currency" or "Demon Spirit Currency."[1]

Demon Spirit Coins is the name for the currency of Glory City. Higher denominations are available in the form of cards. We know that values of both 10,000 and 50,000 demon spirit coins are available, but is possible that there are others.[2] The annual incomes and relative prices of items are included to help give an idea of the value of the money.

Demon Spirit Coins

Manhua Chapter 29

Donghua Episode 4

Donghua Episode 20

Position Annual Income

(demon spirit coin)

Lowest Commoners Family[3] 2,000 - 3,000
Bronze Fighter[3] 5,000 - 6,000
Holy Orchid Institute Library Clerk[4] 3,600
Heavenly Marks Family


Typical Aristocrat Family[6] 1,000,000
Noble Family ?
Main Family ?

Below are listed the relative cost of things mentioned in the story. Some of these are not exact values, but I still included them in order to give a more complete estimate at the value of a demon spirit coin.

Item Relative Cost

(demon spirit coin)

Purple Haze Grass (a pound)[7] less then 1 (originally)
200-300 (after Nie Li)
Black Pool Grass (bunch)[3] 1
Horned Sheep fur on neck[8] 3
Horned Sheep pair of horns[8] 5
Horned Sheep demon crystal[8] 5
Crossbow Bolt[3] 30
Blank Inscription Scroll[9] in the 100s
Fee for the Alchemy Association Placement Test[10] 200
Crossbow[3] 160
Primary Soul Crystal[4] 1,000
Bronze Rank Inscription Scroll[9] in the 1,000s
Holy Orchid Institute’s Annual Tuition[3] 3,000
Superior Soul Assembling or Spiritual Enhancing Pill[11] 6,000
Silver Rank Inscription Scroll[9] in the 10,000s
5 Year Old Holy Dark Grass[12] 50,000
Bronze Rank Gauntlets with Enchanting Inscription Patterns [3] 60,000
Bronze Rank Flaming Dark Armour[13] 100,000
Silver Rank Demon Beast Spirit[14] in the 100,000s
Wrath of Inflammation Sword


Soul Nurturing Pill (group of 100)[15] 300,000
Bronze Ragefire Armour Set (armour, gauntlets, leggings and boots)[16] 500,000
Soul Concentrating Pill (group of 10)[15] 600,000
Spiritual Lamp [12] 1,000,000
Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill [17] 1,000,000
Soul Tempering Pill [18] 1,500,000
Nightmare Demon Pot [19] 120,000,000