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Manhua Chapter 96 p.2

Found in the brain area of demon beast, it has a very rare chance of appearing. Only one or two in tens of thousands will have one. This is what demon spiritualist absorb into their soul realms in order to merge with the demon beast's power.[1] They are very valuable, with even a silver rank demon spirit being valued in the hundreds of thousands demon spirit coins.[2]

After being captured, a demon spirit is stored in a demon spirit stone until it is integrated into a soul realm or sealed within armor.[3] In most cases a demon spirit can only be stored this way for at most six hundred years.[4] Most people know that demon spirits are separated by rank, just as the demon beasts they come from, into bronze, silver, gold, black gold, legend. However, Nie Li also understands that different demon beasts have other important qualities, such as growth rate. Even a demon spirit that starts off weak can grow to legend rank if it has a good growth rate. The rate can be tested with a soul crystal.[5]

Demon spirits can be fed with the demon spiritualist's own soul force, but that soul force is lost. This means that the demon spiritualist has to recultivate in order to recover the lost soul force. Because of this most choose to replace the demon spirit instead. In most cases the demon spirit can only be raised to the same level as the demon spiritualist.[6]

In the Draconic Ruins Realm the cultivators understand the value of growth rates and mostly only trade demon spirits with excellent or higher rates. Besides growth rate, bloodlines are also important. Bloodlines can either be ordinary, ancient, or primordial. Demon spirits with the dragon bloodline in particular are highly sought after though they can get very expensive.[7] Only those from powerful families would be able to acquire dragon bloodline demon spirits with extraordinary growth rates. As for God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirits, those were simply priceless. Even in the three major families of the Divine Feathers Sect, only a few hundred experts had integrated with God Level Dragon Bloodline demon spirits.[8]

Though previously it was believed that once integrated, demon spirits can not be recovered from a cultivator's soul realm, there might be a way. It is later mentioned that Gu Lan's demon spirit could not be moved to another demon spiritualist only because her meridians had been blocked.[9]

Demon Spirit Growth Rates:

Rate Soul crystal Form
Poor Shattered soul cloud[5]
Ordinary Broken soul cloud[5]
Good Slightly completed soul cloud[5]
Divine / God

Bloodline Demon Spirits
Ordinary majority of demon spirits
Dragon[10] Known types
Ancient Celestial Qilin, Spiritual Beasts, Nine Nether Raccoon
Primordial Divine Blooded Raccoon