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Note: Also called the "Demon God's Sect."[1]

The most powerful sect in this Draconic Ruins Realm. It is seen as the primary enemy of the six main divine sects, who are allied together under the Divine Feathers Sect against them.[2]. The sect has numerous Deity-ranked powerhouses, as well as scores of pinnacle Martial Ancestor and thousands of Dao of Dragon experts.[3][4] In the last major confrontation between the divine and demonic forces in Spiritual City, the Demon God Sect was able to cause great damage to the Divine Feathers Sect, weakening their power.[5]

Though the Demon God’s Sect is publicly pledged to the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land, in private they’d been working on expanding their own strength. There is a vague intent of competing with the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land. However, the Demon God Sect is cautious, as their experts are extremely frightening with a history that is long and immeasurable.[3]

The sect's main base of power is located in the Lightning Roar Mountain Range, which they have controlled for several thousands of years. The many scores of sects nearby are all treated as subsidiaries and do not dare act against them.[3] There are a total of six spiritual halls in the Demon God’s Sect that often compete against one another.[6]

Known Halls:

  • Water Spiritual Hall
  • Fire Spiritual Hall

Since only those that come from the Tiny World can return to it, the Demon God’s Sect has also nurtured its own force there. It was in fact the Demon God Sect that provoked the Demon Beasts and started the Age of Darkness, leading to the massacre of humans and other living creatures in the main world. Because of that event, the Divine continent has not borne very many talented experts for almost ten millennia.[7]

Known members:

Name Position Notes
Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch Sect Master During chapter 466 is revealed her name is Mu Ya
Blaze Void Warring Hierarch Grand elder Ranked just below that of the Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch.
Feng Yu Second Elder Ranked 3rd in sect.

Pinnacle Phase Martial Ancestor Realm

Xu Hu Sixteenth Elder Initial Phase of Martial Ancestor Realm
Xu Long Seventeenth Elder Initial Phase of Martial Ancestor Realm
Hierarch Blacknether Elder Martial Ancestor Realm Master of Li Huo
Li Huo Known as the "Holy Son" of their sect. Student of Hierarch Blacknether.
Wu Yazi Water Spiritual Hall member
Zhen Yuan Disciple Has been attempting to comprehend the Cultivation Technique inscribed in the main hall of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.
Xuan Mei Born in the Tiny World
Zhu Long Leader of the demon clan in the Divine Continent
Shi Mei[8] Dao of Dragon Realm expert
Yao Lie


Ranked 2nd in sect
Luo Xinxin[8] Referred as demoness by Nangong Xianyin
Long Tianming Representative[9] He has a black medal engraved with a sinister demon beast as symbol of being a member of the sect.