The Demon Blood Sacrifice is a mysterious inscription pattern array that allows a human to integrate the innate Cultivation of a demon beast.[1] It is such an importantly guarded secret that only a few pinnacle experts of the Demon God’s Sect might know of its true uses.[2] Since a demon beast's strength is held in their blood, the array uses that blood as a medium to enhance the human's strength.[2]

Since a demon blood sacrifice can only be performed with the willing aid of a demon beast, it very rarely happens.[3] This is largely due to the animosity between humans and demon beasts, so using the Demon Blood Sacrifice has become a huge taboo and can easily lead to the deaths of all involved.[2]

Depending on the power held in the blood, this can cause a large leap in the cultivation for the human that receives it. They also can use it to possess the aura and appearance of a demon.[1] Ancient and Primordial bloodlines even have hidden power sealed in them from their ancestors. Once the seal is broken a person can reform their physical body and obtain the demon clan’s physique.[2]

Nie Li is able to trick Wu Yazi, a Primordial Bloodline Divine Blooded Raccoon demon beast, into forming a Demon Blood Sacrifice with him and Xiao Yu as a condition of gaining his help to enter the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.[1]

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