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Monsters that attack humans, forcing them to hide in cities. Humans hunt them for food, crystals, spirits, and other items. Demon spiritualists are able to integrate captured demon spirits into their soul realm. They can merge with their demon in combat allowing them to possess strength and abilities beyond those of regular fighters.[1] Over time these integrated demon spirits are influenced by the unique soul realm of the demon spiritualist they merge with and can lead to Mutations.[2]

High ranking demon beast can potentially unlock its Spiritual Wisdom, granting them intelligence like that of a human. These types of powerful demon beasts are extremely dangerous and can even lead an army of others during a demon beast horde.[3]

Demon Beasts inherit their strength through their bloodline, allowing some species to become stronger then others. This is even more true for those with dragon, ancient, and primordial bloodlines.[4]

Manhua Chapter 57

Demon Spirit

All demon beasts are separated by whether they have formed a demon spirit. This is independent of its rank.[5] It is most likely the demon spirit that it formed by spiritual and emperor level demons that can be used this way by demon spiritualists.

(Note: Some of this is inferred by the context found in chapter 34 and the explanation of a demon spirit in chapter 6.)

  • Normal: The majority of demon beasts, which has not formed a spirit
  • Spiritual: has a spirit that resembles a flame[6], it is also stronger and more intelligent then others of the same rank
  • Emperor: has a spirit that resembles a liquid, it is extremely strong and can change form into a human form (Named Demon Beasts).


Demon Beasts Index

Demons are separated into five ranks, just as with cultivators.[1] Though demon beasts are born with a certain level of strength they also can gather more soul force and rise up in the ranks.[7] It can be inferred from the context that the deity rank beast that Nie Li refers to from his previous life is most likely a, currently unknown, higher rank of demon beast.[1]

Previously, Nie Li thought only demon beasts could reach the Heavenly Fate Realm. It was a demon beast breaking into that realm that eventually resulted in the Demon Beast Riot.[8]

The ranks are listed below:

Rank Levels Demon Beasts with Known Ranks Notes
Bronze 1 Star - 5 Star Horned Sheep
Fanged Panda
2 meters[9]
Silver 1 Star - 5 Star Fox Bear
Giant Blue Armed Ape
Black Star Tiger
Scarlet Ghost
4 - 5 meters[9]
Gold 1 Star - 5 Star Scarlet Flaming Fox
Netherlamp Behemoth
Golden Horned Land Dragon
Snow Wind Behemoth Lizard
4 - 5 meters[9]
Black Gold 1 Star - 5 Star Scarlet Black Tiger
Snow Queen
Black Scaled Earth Dragon
Abyss Bear
Black Water Armyworm
Wither Bird
Flaming Snake
Toxic Frog
Snow Wind Great Ape
10 - 20 meters[10]
Legend 1 Star - 5 Star Snow Wind Giant Beast
Abyss Demon
Zombie Jiao-dragon
Heavenly Fate Realm 1 Fate - 9 Fate Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon
Deity ?

Types and Attributes

Demon beasts are also separated into different types based on how they attack and their attributes.[11]

(Note: This has not been explained very clearly yet. I am not sure if the demon beasts each have a type and an attribute or if the attributes are just another type because that is their form of attack.)

Types Description
Fighter A common type of demon beast that relies on strength and numbers to overpower its enemies.
Defense A common type of demon beast that relies on its tough skin or armor to deal with enemies.
Agility A common type of demon beast that relies on its speed to capture and defeat enemies.
Nightmare An extremely mysterious and terrifying type of demon spirit, they have many strange powers that even Nie Li only partially knows about. They are also one of the most difficult demon spirits to capture.[12]
Assassin These demons tend to have weaker bodies and relies on stealth and surprise attacks to do critical damage.[13]
Toxic A demon beast that attacks with toxins and poisons. Antidote elixirs are needed when fighting them.[14]
Hallucinatory A demon beast that uses mind attacks and hallucinations to trick its enemies. An elixir that allows a person to see through such illusions is needed to fight them.[14]
Space-Time An extremely rare type of demon beast that uses space and time attacks and abilities.[15]
Dragon Bloodline Demon beasts from a dragon bloodline are far stronger then most ordinary ones and are highly sought after.

Attributes Description
Snow Wind The most common demon beast in the St. Ancestral Mountains. They use attacks of the Snow Wind attribute, which uses Ice based attacks.
Wind Lightning These demon beasts use attacks of the Wind Lightning attribute, which uses Lightning and wind based attacks.
Lightning These demon beasts use attacks of the Lightning attribute, which uses Lightning based attacks.
Lightning Fire These demon beasts use attacks of the Lightning Fire attribute, which uses Lightning and fire based attacks.
Sacred Flame These demon beasts use attacks of the Sacred Flame attribute, which uses fire based attacks.
Dark These demon beasts use attacks of the Dark attribute, which uses corrosive based attacks.
God These demon beasts use attacks of the God attribute, which uses wind based attacks.
Holy These demon beasts use attacks of the Holy attribute.