A demon beast horde is a natural disaster that started with the Age of Darkness. What exactly triggers one is unknown, but it seems that Demon Lord of the Dark Guild is able to somehow incite them. A demon beast horde most closely resembles an endless stampede that is directed towards human settlements. High ranking demon beasts, especially those that have unlocked their Spiritual Wisdom, can also issue commands. An example of this occurred in the most recent demon beast horde that attacked Glory City with the 5 star black gold rank Snow Wind Great Ape.[1]

There have been hundreds of thousands of demon beast hordes since Glory City's founding. They can range from fairly weak with few members, to numbering in the hundreds of millions. The strength of a horde also depends on the highest rank demon beast that appears as well as the overall attribute type. It seems that conflicting attribute types don't often mix into the same horde and that the natural environment has a great influence on the types that will appear.[2]

Known Demon Beast Hordes:

When Attribute Size Highest Rank Notes
At the start of the Age of Darkness All Types uncountable Above Legend Known as the Demon Beast Riot. This was a series of many hordes that swept across the Divine Continent, almost destroying humanity completely.[3]

It was formed when a demon beast that had unlocked its divine wisdom and reached an existence beyond Legend rank was attacked by Legend rank experts trying to kill it. In its anger it then started to rampage.[4]

Most recent horde to attack Glory City (Nie Li was 14) Snow Wind millions Black Gold This is the most current horde that was incited by the Dark Guild. Though fairly small, in the past such a horde would still kill hundreds of thousands. With the aid of Nie Li the damage has been greatly reduced.[2]

Alternate Life

When Attribute Size Highest Rank Notes
Horde that destroyed Glory City in the previous timeline (Nie Li was 16) Snow Wind hundreds of millions Legend This is the large scale horde that was believed to have been incited by the Dark Guild. It completely destroyed Glory City in Nie Li's past life and killed most of his friends and family and started the Age of Darkness.[5]

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