Tales of Demons and Gods Wikia
Tales of Demons and Gods Wikia
Deity Rank Demon Beast Generals
Character Information
Age millions of years old [1]
Tribe Demon Beasts [1]
Profession stand guard over the Draconic Ruins Realm [2]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank Deity [1]
Home Ancestral Demonic Saint Land [3]
Master Sage Emperor
Light Novel Chapter 437 – Dreamland

These are the six powerful and loyal Demon Beasts generals that serve the Sage Emperor. They stand guard on the Eight Desolate Peaks, where they can watch over the whole Draconic Ruins Realm while their master sleeps. They usually won’t stray from their post, as none of the major sects were worth the effort for them to take action.[2]

However, they will actively hunt down anyone that practices the Heaven’s Divination Technique or threatens the Sage Emperors power. The only reason Nie Li has so far been able to remain undetected is because Ying Yueru shifted his fate onto herself, causing one of these six generals to kill her.[4]


One of them was describe being several hundred meters tall with silvery-black armour and wielded a huge spear in his hand. He looked as vicious as an Asura from the underworld. [4]

Alternative Life

These generals fought along with the Sage Emperor against Nie Li in his last life & killed Nie Li after his battle with the Sage Emperor, when Nie Li was extremely exhausted.[1]