Death God

Manhua Chapter 264

Manhua Chapter 264

Manhua Chapter 264

Manhua Chapter 269.5

Character Information
Age 10,000+ (deceased) [1]
Tribe Unknown [1]
Gender Male [1]
Personality Cruel, Tenacious, Cunning, Prideful, Sadistic
Profession Death God [1]
Soul Properties
Fighter Rank Demigod [1]
Cultivation Law of Death [1]
Enemies Ming Fei

Nie Li

Light Novel Chapter 236 – Wings of Law
Manhua Chapter 264 - Giant Tomb in Sky

In the distant past he fought with the Master of the Nether Realm, Ming Fei, and lost. His Divine Spark was shattered. Over thousands of years he made his body into that of a tomb and started to regather his Divine Spark on the first layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands.[2]

When the Death God's Tomb appeared many were curious, including Nie Li, Xiao Yu, and over fifty to sixty Demigod rank experts.[2] The Death God trapped the Demigod rank experts in order to suppress and drain their Law energy using his Ropes of Origin. This allowed him to accelerate the restoration of his Divine Spark. However he was stopped by Nie Li and Xiao Yu.[1]

The Death god felt fear for the first time in a long while, when Nie Li began to forcefully seize his control over the law of death. With his divine spark scattered, the only thing sustaining his life was his merger with the law energy. In desperation, he lashed out with powerful attacks, in the form of a pair of giant scarlet hands that slammed into him. After believing that he had killed Nie Li, he then turned his focus back onto rebinding the experts and continuing to drain their energy.[3]

When he found out that Xiao Yu was Ming Fei's child, besides draining him of energy, he also began to cruelly whip him and pierce non-lethal body parts so as to keep Xiao Yu alive for as long as possible. The Death God was a very vicious person, bent on revenge against the Lord of Nether.[3]

Nie Li managed to kill him by absorbing his Law of Death and comprehending it to a higher degree than even the Death God himself. Which made all the attacks by the Laws of Death useless against him. After the Death God was finally destroyed by Nie Li, Xiao Yu and the rest of the Demigod rank experts were able to free themselves.[4]

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