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Black Demon Design
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Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Darkness Association."[1]

A secret organization of criminals which is the driving force behind most illegal activities in Glory City. They are considered the enemy of the ruling families.[2] Part of this comes from their habit of kidnapping the children of these families in order to collect a ransom. Their hidden base is thought to be outside of Glory City in the St. Ancestral Mountains.[3] Their robes carry a black demon design on the back.[4]

The Sacred Family's Star Restaurant is a front for the Dark Guild in Glory City to work out of.[5]

Ye Zong has stated that the Dark Guild is trying to push the demon beasts into attacking Glory City. It is implied that this is likely what caused Glory City's destruction in Nie Li's past life, though Nie Li is currently unaware of this possible connection between the Dark Guild and the demon beast attack.[6]

Nie Li later discovers that the Dark Guild is based out of Blackrock City in the Nether Realm.[7] Though he doesn't personally run into them while there. He does manage to push them into a corner by sending several high ranking Demigod level experts after them. However, the Dark Guild disappears before they are confronted.[8]

Note: I am using the term "minion" to label unnamed Dark Guild Members. Two more of the minions listed below have been killed, but which two is not yet known.

Known members:

Name Position Notes
Yun Hua (deceased) Group leader Holds the title of Deacon. The direct connection between the Dark guild and the Sacred Family. He is killed when his Soul Shackles is activated by Shen Hong.
Shen Hong (?) (deceased) vice-president Someone who is connected to Sacred Family[9] It has not been confirmed, but this is most likely a title for Shen Hong as he appears to have a leadership role in the Dark Guild.
Liu Qing (deceased) assassin Sent to attack Nie Li. Killed in combat.
Liu Yan (deceased) assassin Sent to attack Nie Li. Killed in combat.
Long Sha Second in Command Ordered the attack on the City Lord's Mansion
Gui Sha Third in Command Moved to save the Sacred Family when they were about to be killed or captured by the Snow Wind Family.
Demon Lord Founder / Leader The original founder of the Dark Guild used the title of Demon Lord. From the discussion between Gui Sha and Nei Li, the original founder is alive, and each new leader of the Dark Guild has been him in a new body via the Spiritual Constellation Technique[10]
Minion 1 [11] (deceased) Black Gold Demon Spiritualist Leader of the Abyss Demon summoning. Directly killed by the Abyss Demon.
Minion 2 [11] 3 Star Black Gold Demon Spiritualist Integrated with a Black Fox.
Minion 3 [11] (deceased) 2 Star Black Gold Demon Spiritualist Integrated with a Meerkat. Nie Li captured him with the Tai Yi Killing Array. He attempted to escape by using the Berserker’s Heart technique.[12] He is killed when his Soul Shackles are activated.[13]
Minion 4 [11] Black Gold Demon Spiritualist Integrated with a Scarlet Snake. Might have been captured and killed in the attack on the city lord's mansion.
Minion 5 [11] 1 Star Black Gold Demon Spiritualist Integrated with a Snow Wind Corpse Worm. Might have been captured and killed in the attack on the city lord's mansion.
Minion 6 [11] Black Gold Demon Spiritualist Integrated with a Snow Bear.
Minion 7 [11] Black Gold Demon Spiritualist Integrated with a Flaming Tiger. Might have been captured and killed in the attack on the city lord's mansion.
Minion 8 [11] Black Gold Demon Spiritualist Might have been captured and killed in the attack on the city lord's mansion.

Known Dark Guild actions:

Actions Members Involved Target Result
Follows Chen Linjian's group to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins[3]
  • Deacon Yun Hua
  • 14 minions
Kidnap children of noble families They caught Shen Yue, however they released him once it was discovered that he is a member of the Sacred Family.
Attack on the Heavenly Marks Family[14]
  • Deacon Yun Hua
  • Liu Qing
  • Liu Yan
Assassinate Nie Li Nie Li detects their actions and attacks first.[14] He kills Liu Qing and Liu Yan, and injures Yun Hua.[15]
Bidding war at the Hong Yue Auction House[16]
  • unnamed
The Nightmare Demon Pot Directer Yang Xin wins the Nightmare Demon Pot in the auction for Nie Li.[16] She is later attacked by assassins, but her bodyguards killed them.[17] (Note: This has not been confirmed as actions by the Dark Guild, but it is very likely).
Multiple small attacks[18]
  • unnamed
Assassinate Nie Li After Nie Li reveals his strength at the Younger Generation Tournament and humiliates the Sacred Family. There are multiple attempts on his life by the Dark Guild until he moves into the City Lord’s Mansion.[18]
Hunting for Nie Li[19] Assassinate Nie Li Nie Li is able to quickly defeat Yun Hua, while Ye Yan, in his form as a Soul Puppet, occupies the other three gold rank experts. Lu Piao, Du Ze, Nie Li and Xiao Ning'er finish up the rest of the silver ranked attackers.[19] Afterwards the captured Shen Ming and Yun Hua are taken to the Alchemy Association to be questioned.[20]
Attack on the City Lord’s Mansion[11]
  • unnamed leader
  • 8 black gold demon spiritualist minions
  • 60 lower rank minions
Capture Nie Li and destroy the Killing Arrays The 60 minions and one of the black gold demon spiritualists, summon an Abyss Demon to attack the City Lord’s Mansion. The demon then directly kills the black gold expert. Nie Li defeats another one of the black gold demon spiritualists using the Tai Yi Killing Array.[12] Two more are captured by Ye Zong, however which two they are was not revealed. All three of them are later killed by their Soul Shackles.

Nie Li is able to defeat the Abyss Demon with the Divine Lightning Killing Array and the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, causing the remaining Dark Guild members to retreat.[13]

Incited recent Demon Beast Horde
  • unnamed
Distract from Sacred Family Shen Hong fears that the Snow Wind Family could strike out at his Sacred Family any day. In order to shift their focus the Dark Guild incited the demon beast horde early.[21]

However the attack did not have the intended effect. Instead Glory City was able to defend better than normal due to the defensive measures taken by Nie Li.[22]

Restrict the Snow Wind Family's attack
  • Shen Hong
  • Long Sha
  • Gui Sha
Rescue members of the Sacred Family When the snow Wind Family summoned the Snow Wind Spiritual God, Gui Sha intervened to save the elders of the Sacred Family. He also was able to open a portal to allow some of them to escape.[23]

However, he was trapped by the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array and was only able to escape with the help of Long Sha. Even still they were both greatly injured.[24]

During the confusion, Shen Hong attempts to escape and is killed by Ye Zong.[25]

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