Daoyin Technique

Manhua Chapter 8

Donghua Episode 8

Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Guiding Technique."[1]

Also called the "Dao Yin Technique."[2]

An acupuncture technique that massages the body and pressure points to promote healing(more information).[3] It appears to be a way of using one's soul force to direct and remove foreign influences in the body.[2]

Nie Li uses this technique to treat Xiao Ning'er's Arctic Disease.[4] It is referenced in the library as coming from the Snow Wind Empire Era.[3]

After Ye Zong is poisoned by Ye Han with Draconic Tongue Herb Nie Li uses the Daoyin Technique to save his life. He is able to direct the poison through the body to a specific point on Ye Zong's finger and then draw it out of his body completely.[2]

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