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Cultivators is the term used to describe a person the uses cultivation techniques to raise their innate abilities. There are many different forms of cultivation. They are all measured by the same system of ranks.

Types of cultivators:

Name Description
Fighter A more traditional type of warrior. They focus on developing the abilities that they are born with by using martial arts. They are limited in they types of attacks they can do by the type of species they are and are generally weaker than a demon spiritualist, which can take on the traits of other species.[1]
Demon Spiritualist Only humans can become demon spiritualists. They are able to use a variety of cultivation methods to have a large range of abilities available to them. By absorbing a demon spirit they are able to use the traits of that demon beast. This allows humans a to have a lot more flexibility in how they cultivate.[2]
Demon Beasts Demon beasts have innate traits and strengths that they are born with. Rather than a traditional cultivation technique they can gather more soul force and rise up in the ranks by defeating others. They typically have a very low intelligence and social structure to begin with and survive simply by natural selection. Demon beasts that are able to form a demon spirit and unlock their Spiritual Wisdom gain an intelligence similar to that of humans and can even take on a human like form. Their cultivation methods and abilities are limited by what type of species they are.[3]
Humanoid Similar to the demon beasts, they have given traits and strengths and their cultivation methods and abilities are limited by what type of species they are. However, they have a higher intelligence and social structure similar to that of humans.[4]
Demigod / Spiritual God A Demigod or Spiritual God has cultivated the Power of Law in order to reach the highest point of cultivation in the Divine Continent Domain. Any of the above types of cultivators can also become Demigods or Spiritual Gods if they also start to cultivate a law.[5]