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This refers the different ways that Cultivators have to enhance their abilities. As a cultivator ages it becomes more and more difficult to grow. That is one of the reasons why breaking through high ranks is very difficult.[1]

  • A fighter uses more traditional training methods involving martial arts, endurance, strength exercises, and natural abilities. It is usually considered weaker then a demon spiritualist of the same rank.[2]
  • A demon spiritualist uses a cultivation technique to enhance their soul force. When the soul force is strong enough they are able to temporarily merge with demon spirits to gain powers beyond a normal human.[2] They can further evolve these demon spirits through Mutations.[3]
  • Spiritual Gods are able to cultivate a law, merging themselves with it. In the Divine Continent this is the only known way for a person to break into the Heavenly Fate Realm.[4]

Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with cultivation to enhance attacks, promote healing, or even improve ones gathering of soul force.

Terms and simplified definitions

Terms Definitions
Soul Realm the energy center that holds ones soul force
Soul Force the amount of collected energy, determines rank
Soul Form the shape that ones soul realm takes
Soul Attribute the elemental affinity that ones soul realm takes
Soul Forming a rare condition when the soul form is visible around the person
Divine Spark something similar to the soul realm for Spiritual Gods
Power of Law a more pure version of soul force, cultivated by Spiritual Gods
Power of Heaven most likely a type of energy similar to soul force
Spiritual Root determines a person's talent in cultivating Heavenly energy
Fate Soul extra souls that are formed after reaching the Heavenly Fate Realm
Spiritual Flames a way to strengthening ones soul and subsequently their Fate soul
Devil's Heart a negative feeling or emotion that impends a person's cultivation