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Manhua Chapter 26

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Chinese 陈林剑
Character Information
Age 15 [1]
Tribe Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Personality confident, outgoing, decisive, smart
Profession Holy Orchid Institute Student, Genius Class [1]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank 5 Star Bronze [1]
Home Glory City [1]
Family Divine

Chen Zhenlong (father)
Friends Nie Li
Huyan Lanruo
Light Novel Chapter 19 – Childrens of Influential Family
Manhua Chapter 26 – Chen Linjian

Note: Previously the translations had his name written as Chen Lin Jian.

A slightly older student in the Holy Orchid Institute genius class and the direct descendant of the major Divine Family. He is very gifted and is being groomed to take over has the Divine Family's patriarch, Chen Zhenlong. Though it is never directly stated, Chen Linjian is most likely Chen Zhenlong's son.[2] He grew up being acquainted with Ye Ziyun, Shen Yue, Ye Han, and Huyan Lanruo.

Appearance and Personality

Because of his good looks, straight forward personality, and overwhelming wealth he has gained a large following. He also tends to "throw money around." Even gifting the 100,000 demon spirit coin bronze rank Flaming Dark Armour randomly to one.[3]


Alternate Life

He was a 5 star gold rank demon spiritualist at the time of Glory City's fall. When he heard of Sacred Family's betrayal he fell into a rage and beheaded six members of the family. In this previous life the Spiritual Lamp was found by Shen Yue on Chen Linjian's trip to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins.[4]

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Manhua Chapter 27

Current Life

He formed a group of fellow students, including Ye Ziyun, Shen Yue, and Nie Li to explore the newly discovered Ancient Orchid City Ruins, because he had a partial map to the ruins.[4] He allowed Nie Li to go because of the impressive knowledge about the ruins that he displayed. After they avoided a dangerous situation with a nest of Fox Bear demon beasts, Chen Lin Jian determined that Nie Li was a reliable source and consulted with him many times on the journey. [2]

Because of this good impression of Nie Li he showed favor towards him and did not side with either Shen Yue or Chu Yuan when they had disagreements with Nie Li.[5][6] Chen Lin Jian also followed his advice when searching for treasure and was able to find a previously unknown treasure room under the military field which was part of the underground palace of Emperor Kong Ming, making him very grateful to Nie Li.[6]

While exploring the ruins the group was attacked by a tribe of Giant Blue Armed Apes that were led by a 5 star silver spiritual grade ape. Even Chen Linjian and his followers were ill-equipped to fight such a powerful demon beast and had no choice but to run away.[7]

Chen Linjian's Followers

Chen Linjian's followers
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Chen Linjian's Followers Donghua

Chen Linjian's followers
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Chen Linjian was at the welcome home banquet for Ye Han, who he is well acquainted with because of their similar status. He witnessed Nie Li's conflict with Shen Fei as well as his declaration that Ye Han will never be the City Lord.[8]

Abilities and Equipment

Equipment Notes
Interspatial Ring [9] Storage space
Flaming Dark Armour [3] given away to a follower
Holy Dark Grass [3] multiple given away to those that follow him
Sword[10] used when fighting against Giant Blue Armed Apes