The Celestial Bound Array is a type of high level inscription pattern array used as a trap to protect important areas.[1]

The array is extremely complex and covers all the nearby surfaces with its patterns. If someone makes one wrong step, they will set off the trap. The patterns will melt into formless chains that will bind them, causing you unable to breath and in the end, dying from burnout. Which is a process in which every last drop of flesh is gone from your body. It is so strong that not even Heavenly Axis nor Dao of Dragon Realm experts can escape it. Even flying over the array can trigger it.[1]

This array was placed in the side chamber of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace in order to protect twenty six golden treasure chests. However, Nie Li was able to see through the pattern and safely reach the treasure chests as well as direct Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu's steps.[1]

At one point Nie Li tells Wu Yazi that the chests have to be opened in a certain order and they can only move from the first chest after the second is open.[1] However, these are lies that Nie Li used to force Wu Yazi to open only the chests that he wanted him to.[2] The array is later triggered by other experts when they rush to open the treasure chests and kills many of them.[3]

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