Black Devil Forest
Location Information
Domain Divine Continent
Realm Main World
Region St. Ancestral Mountain Range

A forest located in the St. Ancestral Mountain Range.[1]

Alternate Life

Xiao Ning'er ran here when escaping from her arranged marriage to the Sacred Family's Shen Fei.[1]

When Nie Li met Xiao Ning'er again in the previous life it was well over a hundred years later and she had changed her name to Xiao Ning and wore a mask. Xiao Ning once mentioned that her face was destroyed by a dark forest and her soul had been ignited by an endless curse. That dark forest concealed a very frightening thing that surpassed the limits of all the experts in the Draconic Ruins Realm. It is very likely that this dark forest is the Black Devil Forest.[2]

Xiao Ning Er 2

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