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Battle Patterns

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Icy Wind,Sudden Snow
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Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Battle Inscriptions."[1]

These are a type of inscription pattern that is inscribed on Inscription Pattern scrolls. When activated, the person would have a sudden burst of fighting power.[2] Fighters and demon spiritualists usually store their techniques in inscription patterns so that when in battle, they can activate them to release the techniques much faster than if they were to perform it themselves. However, inscription scrolls are usually very expensive.[3] These patterns seem to have an immediate temporary effect when activated, however they are single use items.[4]

Snow Wind Patterns

One of the most common types of inscription patterns that have survived through the Age of Darkness. These are patterns of the snow wind attribute.

Pattern Rank Notes
Icy Wind, Sudden Snow[5] Silver The current pattern in an incomplete and unstable bronze rank. When completed it is silver rank.

Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Lin Feng Zou Xue" or "Chilling Wind Snow Precipitation."[6][7]

Icy Wind, Sharp as Knifes[5] Bronze Written with the blood of the Snow Wind Spiritual Worm
Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Blizzard Knife."[8]

Forbidden Techniques

Nie Li purchases a set of seven legend rank techniques on ancient inscription scrolls. He finds them on the seventh level of the Divine Flames Family's store in the Abyss Prison Realm.[9]

The scrolls are very old, so the demon beast blood used to write them has become blurred, but Nie Li can restore them with a Clearance Potion.[8] Since the Divine Family sees these as damaged goods, so he is able to negotiate a good price of only one bottle of Soul Tempering Pills.[10] After restoring them he can see that they include one summoning scroll, with the rest all being elemental or functional based Legend rank techniques.[8]

He acquired five more after visiting the Snow Wind Family's treasury that could be restored with the clearance potion. He gave three to Ye Ziyun and kept two more for himself.[11]

Pattern Rank Type Used By Notes
? Legend Summoning
Raging Flames of Explosion Legend Fire Nie Li One of the seven forbidden techniques acquired by Nie Li in the Abyss Prison Realm. It is a huge fireball attack that is able to change direction to follow a target. Nie Li used this during the recent demon beast horde attack to take out the black gold Snow Wind Great Ape that Ye Zong was having difficulty fighting.[12]
Setting Sun’s Thunderstorm Legend Lightning Nie Li One of forbidden techniques acquired by Nie Li. It could be one of the remaining six from the Abyss Prison Realm or one of the two he got from the Snow Wind Family's treasure. The technique forms hundreds of tendrils of lightning that cause explosions upon contact. Nie Li uses it when being chased by Shen Hong and two other black gold experts of the Sacred Family.[13]
Golden Shield Legend Gold Nie Li One of forbidden techniques acquired by Nie Li. It could be one of the remaining six from the Abyss Prison Realm or one of the two he got from the Snow Wind Family's treasure. The technique forms a large golden shield that completely protects those within it, yet still allows them to attack out. It is considered one of the most powerful shields. This was used to protect Nie Li and Ye Ziyun from the Wugui Family when they attacked in the Nine-Layered Deathlands.[14]

Unknown Types

These are battle patterns who are not fully explained.

Pattern Rank Notes
Seal Stones Nie Li uses these to transfer the imprint for the killing arrays.[15]
Soul Shackles A type of binding put on members of the Dark Guild to prevent betrayal. The are activated with seal stones[16]
Blood Burst Magic Bottle A powerful explosive attack that is created by placing an inscription pattern on a bottle of fresh demon beast blood.[17]
Divine Explosion A pattern carved on a special talisman rock and causes a small explosion.[18]
Flame Explosion A pattern that can be carved on anything and causes a massive explosion.[18]
Temporal Demon Spirit Book The book has eight inscription patterns engraved in it that can be activated using ones soul force.
Divine Guardian Rock A defensive inscription pattern that when activated forms a protective barrier.