One of the three most powerful families in the Divine Feathers Sect of the Draconic Ruins Realm.[1] A rather mysterious family, they are more neutral in standing then the others and rarely participated in the contest for the Sect Master’s position. However, their strength is not to be underestimated, as even previous Sect Masters had often tried to curry favor with them.[2]

The clan is ruled by a patriarch and a council of ten elders. Of these elders, six support Li Yufeng as the next patriarch. As for the remaining four elders, two of them support Li Liushui, one supports Li Xingyun, and the other one gave up his vote. Li Liushui decided to step down from the patriarch’s competition and instead chose to support Li Yufeng.

The Jin Clan are members of the Ashen Flames Family.[1]

Known Members:

Name Position Notes
Jin Yan One of the students in Nie Li's 1st year Genius Class
Li Xingyun Third in line for Patriarch Has a strong following which he supports with expensive resource. Buys some of Nie Li's god level growth demon spirits.
Li Yufeng First in line for Patriarch, direct descendant Former patriarch's son. Received the only god level dragon bloodline demon spirit in the clan.
Li Liushui Second in line for Patriarch Stepped out of the competition for patriarch
Li Hu One of Li Xingyun's people
Second Elder Elder Council Supports Li Xingyun as the next patriarch, Li Xingyun's uncle
Third Elder Elder Council Supports Li Yufeng as the next patriarch
Fifth Elder Elder Council Supports Li Yufeng as the next patriarch

Alternate Life

During Nie Li’s previous life, after the Divine Feathers Sect had fallen apart, the Ashen Flames Family still managed to stand strong as an independent. Nie Li also remembers that Li Xingyun had competed for the Patriarch’s seat of the family. However, when he failed to acquire it he left them and became powerful outside of the Divine Feathers Sect.[2]

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