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These are inscription patterns that are rather large and difficult to lay down. They usually take many experts and a good amount of time in order to place. Arrays appear to be permanent type of area magic that can be used for summoning, controlling demon spirits, or even creating a door to a separate time and space.

The patterns types are:

Pattern Use Examples
Summoning Array These can be used to summon powerful demon beasts from a Subsidiary Realm.[1]
Cultivation Array These are used to promote cultivation and are often used with multiple people.
Combat / Killing Array This type is used offensively to kill enemies in the area.
Teleportation / Spatial Array These are very mysterious and rare, these can be used to create a door to a separate time and space and are used to transport people and things. Used to enter and exit:
Protection Array / Barriers These are defensive arrays built as a type of invisible shield to protect a certain place. They can also be used as a type of temporary prison.
Sealing Array These arrays are used to trap or connect something inside another. These are often used with demon spirits or a cultivators intent.

Currently Unknown: