Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Extreme Cold Disease."[1]

An illness caused by often training at night. It would lead to chilled air entering the body which in turn would block the veins. In a light case it causes the person to get seriously ill, and in serious cases, it would cause the body to explode. Nie Li was able to diagnose and treat Xiao Ning'er during the early stages of this disease, which saved her from such a fate.[2]

The symptoms include:

  • At night, the legs feel as though they are on fire while the rest of the body feels very cold.
  • At midnight the body is wracked with so much pain that continuing the cultivation was impossible.
  • Extremely painful bruising that does not dissipate and starts to spread.


  • Usage of the Daoyin technique every few days to massage the bruised areas.
  • Consumption of medicine made from combining Golden Striped Grass with Imperial Sky Grass for ten days.
  • Rest well and stop cultivating at night until completely cured.[3]

Alternate Life

In the previous life Xiao Ning'er was bedridden for two years in extreme pain because of this disease.[2]

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