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Ancient Orchid City Ruins
Location Information
Domain Divine Continent
Realm Main World
Region St. Ancestral Mountain Range

Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Radiance City."[1]

Ancient ruins found about five to six days away from Glory City, in the St. Ancestral Mountain Range.[2] The whole ruins cover a radius of a hundred miles and are mostly over grown with a dense woods. Only bronze and silver rank demon beasts are suppose to be located inside the ruins.[3]

In the ruins the buildings are round, but the whole city is square, and a large lotus mural was found. Because lotus murals were popular at the later period of the Sacred Empire, Nie Li places the ruins in that era.[4]

Chen Linjian organized a group of friends to secretly go explore these ruins. Some of the people going include: Shen Yue, Ye Ziyun, and Nie Li.[4]

Parts of the ruins:

  • Commoner houses - majority of the city, small and compact[5]
  • Noble families - large homes with courtyards[5]
  • City Lord Mansion - central area of the city, safest and well guarded[5]
  • Military training ground - where the soldiers trained, placed on the central axis of the city[5] (Manhua Variant: The Military training ground is called a school yard instead.[6])
  • Stone fort - made of black marble, a disaster refuge[5]
  • Trap area - next to fort, protect the for from monsters[5]
  • Underground palace - previously unknown, found by Nie Li when he read the words at the base of a ruined statue, maze-like complicated structure, the tomb of the Sacred Empire’s Emperor Kong Ming[7]

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Alternate Life

The Spiritual Lamp was discovered here by Chen Linjian.[4]