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Alchemy Furnace
Manhua Chapter 28

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Alchemy is a "science" that uses herbs and the remains of demon beasts to create items. Alchemists refine elixirs and allocate prescriptions. Nie Li does not consider himself an alchemist, since in his previous life he only had slight knowledge of them, but Glory City’s alchemist standard is so low that he still knows far more then them. Because of this he is able to use some basic alchemy to make money to support his cultivation.[1]

The Alchemy Association is one of the most influential organizations in Glory City because of the importance of their research and skills.[2] However they are in decline recently because of the gradual loss of more and more knowledge. Very few of the younger generation choose alchemy as a path anymore leading to more loss and higher priced elixirs. This also has a huge effect on demon spiritualist and fighters leading to an overall decline in Glory City's strength.[3]

Alchemy Terms:

Terms Notes
Alchemy Furnace A necessary tool used in the refining of elixirs.[2]
Fusing Agent An all purpose base used to combine other ingredients.[1]
Herbs Ingredients used to refine different types of elixirs.[1]
Elixirs Used by demon spiritualists and fighters to enhance cultivation.[4]
Potions Mixtures of ingredients used for a variety of purposes.