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Manhua Chapter 21

Donghua Episode 15

Acupuncture (more info) can be a powerful tool for those that cultivate, however it requires a lot of knowledge and very precise, controlled movements. Nie Li is a master of the many ways that acupuncture can be used. [[File:|thumb|300px|]]


  • By targeting a person's acupuncture points one can do more critical damage. This can allow someone that is weaker to fight someone that is stronger. Nie Li demonstrates this several times in his fights.[1]



  • In order to force a breakthrough into silver rank, Nie Li uses the Miracle Meridian Hands acupuncture method.[3]
  • He later also uses acupuncture to connect Xiao Yu's Jian Jing and Feng Men acupuncture points, helping him break through to the Heavenly Fate Realm.[4] Note: The Jian Jing acupuncture point is located in the shallow dip between the shoulder and the neck. The Feng Men acupuncture points are on either side of the spine, between the shoulder blades.
  • He is also able to use acupuncture to unlock Long Yuyin's meridians and fully activate her Blood Dragon Bloodline.[5]