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Abyss Prison Realm
Location Information
Domain Divine Continent
Realm Main World
Region St. Ancestral Mountain Range
Settlement Glory City

The Abyss Prison Realm is a Subsidiary Realm inside a Ten Millennium Spatial Array. Nie Li discovered the entrance to the space when he was exploring an ancient construct near the City Lord’s Mansion. Once inside it resembles an endless dark woods with mountains in the distance. There are many Scarlet Ghost demon beasts that swarm everywhere.[1]

There are also thirteen ancient families from various empires. They escaped into this dark space at the time of the demon beast riot that started the Age of Darkness and have been isolated here ever since.[2] There are also a variety of small villages. However, unlike Glory City there is a lack of variety in demon beasts, while the ones that are hear are especially numerous and violent. This has lead to a lack of food and very few that choose to become Demon Spiritualists.[3]

Instead there are an abundance of specialized and rare ore that can be dug out of the mountains such as Blood Crystals and Dragon’s Soul Stones, but by this time many of their uses have been forgotten.[3]

Nie Li later returned to the Abyss Prison Realm and arranged for them to move to Glory City.[4] Ye Mo went there to bring the people back to glory city.

After Nie Li returns to Glory City following becoming the leader of the Divine Feathers Sect and pays a visit to the realm that the Mysterious Old Man is the creator of the realm, and that one can only visit it once. [5]

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Banquet at the Silver Winged Palace


  • Teleportation Array - In order to return there is a teleportation array inside the space, but it is missing twenty three Stones of Light to use it. Nie Li assumes that the stones must be hidden around the area.[6]
  • Monument - Nie Li's group discovered a monument left behind by Emperor Kong Ming, but only Nie Li could approach it.[7]
  • Silver Winged Family's Village - Their village is built into the tops of trees. They also have many Thunderbirds around the village and a Blood Crystal mine.[2]
  • Trading Town - A small town that is considered a neutral place for the thirteen families and small villages to conduct business. Currently protected by the Divine Flames Family.[3] Nie Li sees the Mysterious Old Man.[8]