Manhua Chapter 130 p.2

A giant legend rank demon beast from the Abyss Realm. It has a huge set of wings on its back and wields a giant flaming sword.[1]

An Abyss Demon was summoned by the Dark Guild to attack the City Lord's Mansion using a piece of the Stone of Kong Ming as a medium. Normally a summoning of such a high ranking demon beast would use an extremely frightening amount of Soul Force, enough to cause six Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists to die from soul force exhaustion.[2] They used an inscription pattern array to open a doorway to the Abyss Realm, allowing a lot of smaller flame demons to also appear.[3] The Abyss demon could not distinguish friend from foe and attacked anyone that it saw.[1]

Abyss Demon Summoning Array with the Stone of Kong Ming Fragment
Manhua Chapter 130 p.1

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